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With the stiff requirements for standards of operation of a sanitary landfill, and with the expensive, time consuming risky job of obtaining a solid waste permit for a sanitary landfill, the value of a cubic yard of permitted landfill airspace has seen a dramatic increase in value.
It's your choice: Waste money on up to 120 feet of dirt per year, or spend wisely on 12 or 20 mils of reuseable Airspace Saver cover.

1 WEEK = 30" DIRT
1 MONTH = 10' DIRT

Since it is increasingly difficult to acquire new landfill space, the cost of providing daily cover has become an important issue. The airspace lost by soil as a daily cover costs in two ways:

  • Cost of material and application
  • Loss of volume of permitted airspace occupied by the daily cover

Airspace Saver has devised a proven system that will maximize your savings in landfill life and maximize the use you get out of your alternate daily cover.


Airspace SaverTM Daily Covers are reusable day after day for up to two years!

Airspace SaverTM Daily Covers use a high density woven polyethylene coated fabric manufactured by Fabrene®, Inc. that is manufactured to the desired width. A series of high tensile strength (6,000 lb.) polyester web straps are then sewn on every material seam as well as around the perimeter for added strength. Steel D-rings are then precision sewn around the edges, every 12 feet. To help weigh down the tarp in high wind areas, we are able to sew in cable or chain around the perimeter of the cover.

The Airspace SaverTM Strapping System supports the lightweight fabric while the cover is being lifted or dragged over the landfill's working face. You save time, manpower, money and AIRSPACE.

  • Water resistant
  • Flame retardant available
  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight
  • Applies evenly, rain or shine
  • Long-term use


  • Cost-efficient
  • Installed manually or by
    machine in minutes
  • Easily anchored
  • Odor and vapor suppression
  • Controls disease vectors

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